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Bucks County Criminal Defense Lawyers Reviews

We are proud of our accomplishments and the satisfaction of all of our clients as we represent them as Bucks County Criminal Defense Attorneys.  All of the following reviews are samples of reviews that can be found on, where Michael Parlow and Paul Lang are highly rated:

“When I first hired M. Parlow, I was skeptical of what the outcome was going to be but when my court date came, he completely exceeded my expectations. The outcome was incredible. I sincerely recommend Michael Parlow as an attorney. Thanks Michael” - Posted by Satisfied, a Criminal Defense client

“michael parlow handled my case with concern. i was very worried about it having a bad out-come. he let me know where i stood – the best and worst case senerios. in the end my case couldn’t have turned out better” - Posted by michael f., a Criminal Defense client in Bucks County

“I recently got my first DUI and I was extremely worried about how it will affect me. Mr. Lang told me straight all that I would go through and laid everything out clearly. He helped me immensely in a very difficult time.” - Posted by Chris, a DUI client from Bucks County

Criminal Testimonials & Client Reviews

“My experience with Michael K. Parlow has been nothing but promising and deliverable results. I came to Mr. Parlow, towards the final moments of my undergrad degree, thinking that the mistake that I had got myself into would jeopardize everything that I had worked so hard for, and to be quite honest; it would have if it wasn’t for him. When I came to him with my case, right from the start, he glanced over the discovery and by the end of the first meeting he told me exactly what the outcome was going to be. When court time came around; everything Mr. Parlow said was exactly what was delivered. Mr. Parlow truly cares and understands your situation along side with your case; I believe this is very important and a very assuring approach; I say this because it provides Mr. Parlow with an affective stance to secure your position in your case to better aid an understanding that will give your defense a positive outcome. I plan and will use Mr. Parlow for any legal guidance and counseling for all necessary events in my life, and I weigh my word alongside gold to say that Mr. Parlow is truly the best.” - Posted by Daniel, a Criminal Defense client

“Mr. Parlow is a great attorney and would recommend him to family and friends. He is super knowledgable and really fights for you. I thought I would have to pay thousands and thousands for this quality attorney and he was not like that, he worked with me and let me make payments was just a good person.” - Posted by a Bucks County Criminal Defense client

“I ran into Paul at a diner and he asked me to review him. Bon Jovi, in the song “Living on a Prayer”, sang “You live for the fight when it’s all that you’ve got.” Paul lives for the fight. His picture is deceiving. He’s built like a fighter — broad chest, muscular, and ready to do battle. I was accused of committing a crime that I absolutely did not do. I needed someone to help me. I am a businessman and needed to keep my record and name clean. There’s a ton of lawyers, but Paul impressed me with his style, knowledge, and smarts. He was well=prepared for the hearing, cross-examined cops like a machine (all the while getting them to show their lies), he properly questioned my witnesses, and gave a strong closing argument that cited case law that made the idiot prosecutor look dumb. The judge agreed with Paul and dismissed ALL the charges. I cried afterwards. He literally saved my life.
I made sure to pay for Paul’s meal when I left the diner and I hope he reads this and knows how grateful I am for his saving me from a criminal record, shame, and embarassment.” - Posted by Nick from Levittown, a Criminal Defense client

“My experiences with Michael Parlow have been nothing but positive. He is focused and committed to his clients and delivers what he said he would. He truly cares and works to make you comfortable through the legal process. Very responsive and does not try to overbill or run up charges. I have unfortunately been in my share of court rooms throughout the country and have not been represented by a better attorney. Michael is top notch and highly recommended” -Posted by a Criminal Defense client



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